Welcome message from the Chief Health Officer

A career in medicine is a commitment. It requires hard work, persistence and, at times, personal sacrifice, but it is all an investment in yourself and your future.

This personal investment has set your career in motion and it is from this point that we want to invest in Queensland Health’s future specialists.

A priority for medical workforce planning in Queensland is supporting the next generation of medical practitioners. Part of this is recognising that while you’ve decided on a career in medicine, for many the challenge is choosing the career in medicine that is right for you.

The Medi-Nav website is designed specifically for medical students and junior doctors to help you navigate your future in medicine. Access to Queensland- specific specialist and vocational trainee workforce data and training program information will help you explore your career options early and maybe even encourage you to consider specialties or Queensland locations that may not have been on your career radar previously.

The Medi-Nav website is intended to evolve over numerous iterations – your feedback is important to ensure that this website delivers the best tools and resources to guide your career choices.

Dr Jeannette Young PSM
Chief Health Officer and Chief Medical Officer Queensland